Angela Magana Suffers Loss At Hands Of Amanda Cooper

Say what you want about her, but Angela “Her Majesty” Magana is a trooper. After being without electricity thanks to the hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico, Magana still found time to train and make it to UFC 218 tonight.

Still, the honor tonight goes to her opponent, Amanda Cooper.

Cooper took the center of the cage early. Leg kick by Magana followed by a kick to the mid section. Cooper switched to southpaw and the two threw some jabs at each other. Some redness showed up on Cooper’s legs. Cooper shot in for a takedown but Magana held the cage. The referee told her to get her hands off of it. Magana got back up and then she took Cooper down, but Cooper ended up on top. Her Majesty looked like she was in some trouble, but after a struggle, worked her way to full guard. Referee stopped the fight due to a wardrobe malfuction on Magana. Fight restarted and Cooper trapped Magana’s arm with her knee and pounded away. Magana tried to get away but Cooper caught up, wrestled her to the ground, and got on her back. Cooper beat on her opponent from the back until the bell went.

Round 2. Cooper took the center again and hit Magana with a takedown early, landing in Her Majesty’s guard. Cooper passed to half guard and rained down punches on her opponent. Cooper passed to full guard and dropped some hard elbows. She passed to the back and got her arm under the chin but again Magana survived. Still, Cooper was beating her up. Magana tried to work her way up to her knees but Cooper flattened her out and continued hitting her. And another RNC but again Her Majesty escapes. Still, Cooper stayed on the back and beat Magana down.

Her Majesty rolled to her back but Cooper stayed on top, pounding away. Back to her back and Cooper stayed on her back, continuing the barrage of punches. Magana is getting destroyed. Finally, after eight minutes of getting pounded on by Cooper, the referee stopped the fight.

Winner by TKO (referee stoppage) Amanda Cooper!


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