Felice Herrig Inches By Cortney Casey With Split Decision Victory

Felice “Lil Bulldog” Herrig scored a split decision win over opponent Cortney Casey in the first fight of the UFC 218 prelims.

The two felt each other out and then there was a nice exchange between them. The two went back to feeling each other out, only hitting each other with some light jabs. Herrig charged in with a flurry of punches and pressed Casey up against the cage. Cortney tried to turn out but Felice held on and took her down, landing in her guard. Felice passed to half guard and Cortney held on and then fished for a Kimura. She turned the tables and flipped Herrig onto her back. She couldn’t keep Lil Bulldog down down, though.

They both got back up. Nice 1-2-kick by Herrig as the round came to an end.

Round 2. They started exchanging some lefts and rights. Leg kick by Casey. A minute went by without too much action, but Lil Bulldog hit another combo. Felice stayed low and tried to hit over the top. Both fighters chose a stick-and-move style of fighting. Huge right hand over the top by Herrig towards the end of the round, but not much action other than that in Round 2.

Round 3. Much like Round 2, there was a lot of feeling out and not many strikes landed. Overhand right by Felice followed by a 1-2 shortly after. Herrig chased her opponent to the cage, back in the middle, and some trash talk and middle fingers thrown up. Only 30 seconds left on the clock, though. Body kick by Casey and a knee, but Herrig still in it as the clock wound down. Despite the trash talk, the two exchanged some pleasantries in the end.

The fight was close, but Felice Herrig put in just another to score the split decision victory.



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