Tecia Torres Takes Unanimous Decision In Battle With ‘The Karate Hottie’ Michelle Waterson

Tecia Torres opened up the first fight of the UFC 218 main card with a win.

Torres took on “The Karate Hottie” Michelle Waterson.

Touch of the gloves and Waterson started out right away with a left high kick, but Tecia charged in. Another high kick by Michelle and she went in for a takedown. She got Tecia’s back but Torres struggled to get her off. Torres pressed Waterson up against the fence, but they broke away and went back to a striking match.

A lot of action and back and forth punching. Torres caught and kicked and struck but The Karate Hottie stayed on her feet. Torres got her in the clinch and spun her around, landing some nice shots. Tecia pressed her up against the fence and threw some knees and elbows while she controlled the clinch. Michelle caught her with a left hand on the break, but Torres pressed forward again and pressed Waterson against the fence. Knee by the Karate Hottie. They broke and punch and kick by Waterson.

Torres had Michelle up against the cage again, but broke away again. Waterson utilized her sidekick but Torres again pressed her up against the fence. Worked for a takedown but when she couldn’t get her down, Torres switched to punches and landed some heavy shots right before the round ended.

More high kicks from Waterson in Round 2. Tecia again went in for clinch and pressed in to the perimeter of the cage. Michelle’s left eye swelled.

Huge throw by Waterson but Torres rolled with it and The Karate Hottie landed in Torres’ guard. Waterson in half guard but couldn’t get her leg out. Torres worked for a Kimura but couldn’t get it right. She went for it again and tried to reverse the position but nothing.

Michelle back in full guard. Torres got her leg over the shoulder and struggled for a triangle, but Waterson, a BJJ purple belt, saw it and put her weight down on it. Tecia tried to arm bar the wrong arm and Michelle got out and both fighters were back up. Torres attempted a late takedown but the round ended.

Torres opened Round 3 with a 1-2. High kick by Torres. Waterson’s left eye looked like it was bothering her, but she hit a big right hand that almost took Torres off her feet. Big swing by Michelle but nothing. Waterson looked a bit wobbly. Torres hit some big right hands.  Torres got a nice kick to the body. Torres got a big shot and knocked Waterson down and got Michelle’s back. Waterson tried to shake her off her back, but Torres flattened The Karate Hottie out and landed some huge shots from the back. Waterson, however, struggled her way out in the remaining seconds of the match.

Tecia Torres took the win via unanimous decision.


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