Angela Magana Challenges Cris Cyborg To BJJ Gi Match

The Angela Magana-Cris “Cyborg” incident is showing no signs of cooling, folks. Angela is now challenging the Invicta Featherweight Champion to a BJJ match, citing the weight difference and the time limits as reasons not to take her on in the cage:

Angela Magana Pressing Charges Against Cyborg

Cyborg hasn’t replied yet, but another famous jiu-jitsu fighter did — Rizin fighter Gabi Garcia.

Angela not only accepted, but challenged Gabi to a boxing match.

It should be noted that Cris Cyborg would not only have a size advantage over Magana, but holds a brown belt under BJJ legend Andre Galvao.

Gabi Garcia also holds a massive size advantage Angela, and has a black belt in BJJ.

Angela Magana will therefore certainly have her work cut out for her if she competes against Cris Cyborg or Gabi Garcia on the mats — whether it’s in the gi or not.


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