Anthony Hernandez Submits ADCC Champion Rodolfo Vieira At UFC 258

The preliminary headline fight between multiple-time IBJJF world champion and 2015 ADCC champion Rodolfo Vieira and Anthony Hernandez at UFC 258 didn’t go Vieira’s way, breaking his undefeated professional MMA streak in a massive upset.

Vieira started off strong, coming in quick by entering with a combo and then getting a swift takedown and transitioning to Hernandez’s back. Though Hernandez managed to escape danger from the back, Vieira wasted no time in transitioning to low-mount and flattening out his opponent for a head-arm triangle attempt. Hernandez was able to create distance, and Vieira used the opportunity to throw a few punches from mount. Vieira then transitioned to a belly-down armbar attempt, and although it was a solid try, Hernandez escaped and returned to his feet, though it was mere moments before Vieira pushed him against the cage and took him back to the ground. Hernandez returned to his feet and was punished for it with repeated punches from Vieira. Soon, though, Hernandez was able to break free from the cage, coming out swinging and thwarting another takedown attempt from Vieira with a sprawl.

A strong right hand from Hernandez rocked Vieira, and though he didn’t fall, he was clearly rattled as he pushed Vieira against the cage and had to drop to the ground to avoid a guillotine choke. Hernandez continued to batter a visibly exhausted Vieira with strong punches, with Vieira’s takedown attempts doing little to defend him against the beating. As the clock wound down, another takedown from Vieira led him to the inside of a tight triangle from Hernandez, but he was saved by the bell.

In round two, Vieira caught a flying knee from Hernandez and pushed him against the cage. He managed to get to Hernandez’s back, but wasn’t able to get his hooks in, and Hernandez shook him off and transitioned to the top position. After being on the receiving end of a few more punches, Vieira got to his feet and was hit by a head kick, then punches and elbows. He went for a final takedown, but Hernandez capitalized on it and transitioned to a guillotine choke. An exhausted and bleeding Vieira finally tapped, and Hernandez delivered him his first loss of his professional MMA career at 1:53 in round two.


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