Polyana Viana Armbars Mallory Martin In Round 1 At UFC 258

Polyana Viana scored a quick submission victory in first round of her fight against Mallory Martin at UFC 258 in a fight that put Viana’s grappling skills on display.

Martin displayed quick aggression from the start of the fight, coming forward with quick combos and driving Viana to the fence. Viana countered with a kick, which Martin caught. As Martin pushed Viana back, Viana threw up closed guard before hitting the ground, landing a series of shallow punches to Martin’s head. As Martin stacked her opponent, Viana moved her guard higher and managed to throw on a triangle.

Though Martin tried to defend by turning out of the submission hold, Viana managed to topple her momentarily, throwing elbows to the head as Martin righted herself again. Viana tried to extend the trapped arm, and Martin lifted up her opponent and slammed her back down, ultimately forcing herself deeper into the triangle. Martin managed to survive Viana’s attempts to pull her head down and finish the triangle, but Viana then transitioned briefly to an americana from the triangle, then flipped Martin over and manage to extend the arm. From there, it was only moments before Martin tapped, giving Viana the victory at 3:18 into round one.


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