Antonina Shevchenko’s Lights Out RNC of Lucie Pudilova Wins FON

Colby Covington can fire a crowd up, but it was UFC’s female fighters that earned the respect of fight fans during the promotion’s Newark, New Jersey, installment today. Antonina Shevchenko and Lucie Pudilova performed so well they earned Fight of the Night (afternoon?) bonuses from the oft-belittled position of the prelims, and the former added a savage “submission” to her list of victories.

It was round two when Shevchenko–bloodied by Pudilova in the first five minutes–sunk in a rear naked choke so tight it put her opponent out…and Pudilova is no pushover. For a muay thai maven characterized as a striker, it was an especially sweet victory.

The $50,000.00 FON move:


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