Cain Velasquez Rolls Into Pro Luchador Debut Like a Black Belt

Y’all remember Cain Velasquez is a black belt, right?

The former UFC champion blew fans away on Saturday night during his professional wrestling debut with Mexican wrestling promotion AAA, with many expressing shock and awe at the level of agility and athleticism demonstrated by the former heavyweight:

Clearly some of those folks are unfamiliar with the level of work, flexibility, and training that goes into getting a black belt, especially one from Checkmat’s Leandro Vieira. Which, no, does not mean that all black belts can flip and tumble and Ric Flair themselves on an international stage. But a lifetime athlete, D1 wrestling star, UFC champion, and BJJ high belt thriving in the luchador ring? Not much of a shocker there.

Velasquez, who last fought for the UFC in 2018, won his pro wrestling match, defeating opponent “Texano” by kimura. He reportedly has two more appearances on AAA booked within the next several months.


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