6-Year-Old Wrestler Born With One Hand & No Feet Is Crushing It On The Matts

No one would have blamed young Nick Trotter if he had decided that athletics weren’t for him. The 6-year-old was born with one hand and no feet in Ukraine, and his disability had the potential to create numerous obstacles for him even after he was adopted by his parents in the US when he was 18 months old.

Instead, Nick has barreled through every challenge put before him, jumping into athletics with full enthusiasm and doing quite well at them. While Fox 8 reports that Nick has ventured into a number of sports, including jiu-jitsu and baseball, wrestling is his true passion, and he’s been finding success in his pursuits on the mats. He competes for the Macomb Little Bombers in Illinois, and he just participated in his third tournament and won all three of the matches in his bracket.

Check out the feature that Fox 8 did on Nick below, and you’ll be able to quickly see that anyone “taking it easy” on Nick because of his differences will soon regret their choice. Look at him go!

6-year-old wrestles with no feet and one hand

WHAT A KID!! This 6-year-old born with no feet and one hand is wrestling and refusing to let anything stop him! Way to go, buddy! ❤️💪

Posted by FOX8 on Wednesday, February 13, 2019


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