AOJ Phenom Tainan Dalpra Earns BJJ Black Belt After Winning IBJJF Pan 2020

Watch out black belts, there’s a new shark in the tank.

Earlier today, Brown Belt IBJJF world champion Tainan Dalpra was awarded his black belt On the podium following a gold medal finish at this year’s pans. A phenomenal competitor, the AOJ product has torched all in his path since his training began as a five year old.

Moving to the US as a14 year old to train under the Mendes brothers, Dalpra has maintained a deep professionalism since his orange belt days. Amazing an incredible series of juvenile titles as well as gold finishes at adult blue, purple and brown belts, one has to wonder what this man can’t do.

Congratulations to Tainan on an amazing accomplishment! The Jiu-Jitsu Times will surely follow his exploits at black belt.


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