Are You Guilty Of Doing “Jiu-Jitsu Math” To Determine Your Skill Level?

In everyday logic, it makes sense that if A is better than B and C is better than A, then C must be better than B. But of course, jiu-jitsu logic isn’t everyday logic (as many of us have found out when we tell our loved ones that choking our friends is our idea of “fun”). So even though it may be tempting to apply this same logic to your training partners or opponents to figure out where you stand, it can only lead to unrealistic expectations and an inaccurate perception of your teammates’ and your own skill level.

In this video, Pete McHugh of McHugh BJJ explains why this “jiu-jitsu math” can be harmful to your BJJ journey. Listen to his advice and ask yourself if you’re practicing jiu-jitsu math in a way that could hinder your own progress.


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