Are You On The BJJ Naughty Or Nice List?

Ma Boîte A Photos via Pexels

You know the drill: be good all year long, and Santa brings you what you want for Christmas. But mess up, and you’ll end up on the dreaded Naughty List. And if you think he wasn’t paying attention while you were training, well, you’re gravely mistaken. If you’re expecting that gi you’ve been eyeing under your tree this year, take our quiz to find out if you made the Nice List or Naughty List first.

Did you…

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To give you coal would be more than you deserve. Santa is going to sneak into your room, slap you across the face to wake you up, choke you out with the lapels of your Christmas onesie to put you back to sleep, then break your arms. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.

Santa’s only concern here is that jiu-jitsu is too violent for you, you goody-two-shoes. Maybe try yoga instead?


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