Comedian Nazeem Hussain Shares Why People Were Beating Him Up In Lachlan Giles’ Class

Australian comedian Nazeem Hussain is now on the list of celebrities who’ve trained jiu-jitsu. The star of the Netflix special Nazeem Hussain: Public Frenemy took his first BJJ class at Absolute MMA in St. Kilda under the instruction of ADCC absolute bronze medalist Lachlan Giles, and he learned very quickly that clothing is important in jiu-jitsu.

No, Hussain didn’t wear a gi to no-gi class, nor did he wear his shoes onto the mat (we hope). Instead, he learned a very important lesson: The more respected you are, the bigger the target on your back.

Hussain recounted his hilarious story on the comedy panel TV series Hughesy, We Have A Problem, led by host Dave Hughes. And… well, we think he tells it best.

Yep, the poor guy bought a purple-themed rashguard because he liked the color. An easy mistake to make, and he’s far from the first one to make it. It’s no wonder why every purple belt is so eager to transform their entire wardrobe as soon as they get promoted.

Hopefully, this comedian’s next experience with jiu-jitsu will be a bit more white-belt appropriate.


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