Australian Singer Alex The Astronaut Tries Jiu-Jitsu

Australian singer-songwriter Alex the Astronaut has given jiu-jitsu a try and shared her experience with her fans on social media.

Alex, an indie-pop artist known for songs like “I Think You’re Great” and “Not Worth Hiding,” went to Gracie Barra St. Peters in New South Wales to try BJJ with brown belt Romina Tatani and 12-year-old gray belt Harper Taylor.

The artist shared her experience in a video, showing her learning how to do a breakfall, a hip throw, and an armbar. Then, she rolls with Harper to put what she’s learned into practice.

The video is a great summary of what’s involved in a jiu-jitsu class, and whether or not Alex continues to train, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that her efforts will encourage others to try BJJ for themselves!


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