Jorge Masvidal Pits Fight Team Against One Another in “BJJ Tournament”

The new reigning BMF of the UFC obviously has had help putting together his streak of recent mixed martial arts wins, and its nice to see that Jorge Masvidal uses healthy competition to make sure he’s got the baddest motherfuckers helping make him a bad motherfucker.

Just two days out from his big match against Nate Diaz, Masvidal’s team was working late night at GOAT Marcelo Garcia’s NYC jiu-jitsu Mecca when Jorge did what fighters do best–order other people in the room to fight each other while alternately coaching and mocking them from the sidelines.

Between the shit-talking, pointing and laughing, and exceptionally helpful coaching (“Your OTHER hook!”), it’s a high level snapshot of why most of us in this community love this community so much…and why people outside of this community don’t want to hang out with us:


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