Jorge Masvidal Is The Baddest Mother F**ker In The UFC

It was so damn good for as long as it lasted…

Jorge Masvidal defeated Nate Diaz at UFC 244 via TKO. The fight, which crowned the first BMF champion, was unfortunately called by the ringside physician due to the large cut above Diaz’s right eye at the end of round three. Despite the obvious disappointment from the crowd, Masvidal assured the fans we’d be getting a rematch in the future. “You gave me love, I’ll give it right back. UFC let’s run it back,” Masvidal said in the post fight.

Round one began with Masvidal jokingly mimicking his running start from his last bout before responding to early pressure from Diaz. Solid combos from both men transitioned to a fight in the clinch, With Masvidal opening a large cut above Diaz’s right eye before he disengaged. Masvidal landed the first knockdown of the night with a head kick out of the clinch, forcing Diaz onto his back with his guard up. Despite showing some success landing strikes from on top, Masvidal decides to let Diaz stand and keep the fight on the feet. Diaz caught a leg off a kick to the body, but Masvidal defends and lands another big elbow before Diaz again pressures against the cage. Round one ends and so far everything is just…just perfect.

Round two; Diaz again pressures early, driving to Masvidal with big combos against the cage. Masvidal responds by angling out and going for kicks to the body, visibly injuring Diaz. Masvidal continues to test Diaz’s chin with big rights, but Diaz is basically a T-1000 so he keeps moving forward. Masvidal follows up body kick with a left jab that drops Diaz a second time. Masvidal immediately lets him stand, and the fight continues on. Masvidal lands a few rights against the cage and Diaz goes for head control but fails. With just under a mount left, Masvidal scores a trip takedown and starts peppering Diaz with shots while he turtles up. Diaz rolls out, and catches Masvidal’s right leg as he tries to stand. Threatened by the heel hook, Masvidal turns out to free his leg and ends the round in side control.

Round three kicked off with a very pissed off Diaz landing a right jab on a smiling Masvidal. Masvidal retaliates with a three piece along with a big kick to the body. As opposed to the first two rounds, round three saw the two men trade blows in the center of the octagon looking for the finish. Diaz was able to consistently hit a jab cross in the pocket, but Masvidal kept responding with counters and body kicks. Taking the fight to the cage with a minute and a half left, Diaz scores a trip but Masvidal counters with a whizzer that keeps him standing. Diaz appears to try rolling to get Masvidal off his back, but he’s able to stay up and land in Diaz’s guard. Despite Diaz’s attempts to sweep or attack, Masvidal is able to pass to half guard and score some strikes as the round ends.

Moments later the ringside doctor had referee Dan Miragliotta call the fight due to concerns over Diaz’s eye. The elbow from round one had reopened a cut sustained in Diaz’s last fight against Anthony Pettis, according to Diaz’s post fight interview. With the event reaching the heights that it has, a rematch is almost inevitable.

This win brings Masvidal to 35-13 and Diaz to 20-12


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