Attackers Get Beaten Up, Jailed, And Possibly Deported After Attacking A Karate Brown Belt

Source: Pixabay

Think karate doesn’t work in the streets? Think again.

A Scottish brown belt used her karate skills to fight off two attackers.

Twenty-nine-year-old Kelly Soutar was followed home by two men, Shehab Smekramuddin and Mohammad Islam.

Posted by Kelly Soutar on Saturday, September 23, 2017

According to Ms. Soutar at her trial (quoted in the Daily Mail):

‘The younger one came towards me and I kneed him in the groin.

‘When he came towards me again I punched him in the face.

‘At that point the guy who was holding me pushed me to the ground so I was flat on my stomach and the other one had come in and was breathing on my head.

‘I lifted my head. I don’t which of the two I connected with but I just struggled.

‘We have been taught self defence stuff in class, especially if you are down on the ground.

‘Muscle memory took over and my body just reacted on its own.

‘I managed to dislodge the guy off my back and as soon as he was off balance I pushed him away and just ran.’

The best part is, the two will now be jailed for three years each, and because they are illegal immigrants, they will face deportation when their sentence is up.

Soutar told the Daily Mail┬áthat she was happy the ordeal was over with and that the two won’t be able to harm anyone else in her country. She did, however, express disappointment that her intent of rape allegation was dropped.

Kelly Soutar hopes her experience will encourage other women to take up self-defense.



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