B-Team’s Damien Anderson Earns Savage First-Round TKO Victory in MMA Debut

B-Team star – and viral combat jiu-jitsu sensation – Damien Anderson, aptly nicknamed “Demon Hands,” made short work of opponent Cody Ortiz in a crowd-pleasing MMA debut at Fury Fighting 73 on Sunday evening. 

Anderson, true to his nickname, looked comfortable exchanging blows on the feet with Ortiz in the first few minutes of round one, even dropping his opponent at one point. However, when Ortiz — perhaps unwisely — entered a clinch, the B-Team star wasted no time forcing the less experienced grappler to the ground. 

Once the fight hit the canvas, Ortiz appeared out of his element, scrambling wildly in a desperate bid to escape the ground control of the combat jiu-jitsu veteran, but to no avail. “Demon Hands” found his way to the back of Ortiz, and finished the fight inside the first round with a brutal rain of ground-and-pound blows that eventually prompted referee stoppage.

“I wanted to make it a point to finish with strikes rather than a submission,” Anderson – who has previously shared details on his MMA training with us – told the Jiu-Jitsu Times. “The question for me was how would I feel striking with someone. I think I showed great composure on the feet tonight. Evaded a few overhand rights, and dropped him with a cross of my own. Overall, [I’m] extremely happy with my performance, and I’m sure the fans loved it.”

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For more on Damien Anderson’s MMA career, follow “Demons Hands” on Instagram, and check out our previous interview with him.


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