Bellator 256 Results: Ryan Bader Defeats Lyoto Machida

Bellator 256 saw a tough night of fights that finished up with a rematch between Ryan Bader and Lyoto Machida. Though Machida won their first fight, it was Bader who came out ahead this time around in the light heavyweight grand prix quarterfinals.

Before the main event, though, Liz Carmouche and Vanessa Porto faced off in a co-main that went the distance.

Co-Main Event

Liz Carmouche vs. Vanessa Porto

Both fighters delivered a few strong calf kicks in round one, staying cautious and respectful of each other’s power. Porto was patient, but consistent as she worked to control the center of the cage, finally charging forward to push Carmouche against the cage in the final few seconds of the round.

Carmouche got Porto against the cage early into the second round, both fighters throwing big knees at each other. Carmouche was able to keep her opponent stuck on the cage for a couple of minutes before Porto managed to break free with about two minutes left to go. Both fighters picked up the pace in the final thirty seconds, but neither was able to stop the fight before it went to round three. 

Round three began with more of the same, with Carmouche landing small punches while Porto worked to control the center. Carmouche attempted a takedown, but wasn’t able to complete it. After being on the receiving end of another calf kick, Porto drove Carmouche toward the cage. Carmouche slipped and fell, but recovered nicely by turning it into a takedown attempt, turning around to force Porto against the cage. Porto continued to throw knees, receiving an elbow from Carmouche as the fighters broke away and returned to the center. With under a minute to go, both athletes picked up the pace, with Porto going for a takedown that was shut down by Carmouche. Carmouche again pushed Porto against the cage, and both tried to throw a couple of big combos before time ran out. 

Liz Carmouche was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Main Event

Lyoto Machida vs. Ryan Bader

The fighters were cautious at first, but it wasn’t long before Machida began throwing strong body kicks. Bader charged forward, and Machida stepped back to avoid letting him close the distance. Bader continued to try to get close to Machida, and Machida shut down his next attempt with a Superman punch. As the clock wound down, Machida landed a head kick and followed up with a big knee to the face. Bader was able to close the distance in the final few seconds of the round, driving Machida against the cage in a guillotine hold. Machida, however, put his hand on the ground, preventing himself from being taken to the mats before the round ended.

Round two saw more big kicks from Machida, with Bader working his way in with straight punches. Machida landed another strong Superman punch. With about two minutes left in the round, Bader finally got the opportunity he wanted, taking Machida to the ground and getting some heavy punches in on his opponent’s head. Bader managed to control the rest of the round, and though Machida wasn’t able to get to his feet, Bader also didn’t manage to finish the fight before it moved into the third round.

Machida was consistent with his body kicks at the start of round three, throwing in a head kick for good measure. Bader kept moving forward, landing a solid jab and then managing to take Machida to the ground with about three minutes left to go in the round. Bader landed a few punches from the ground. Machida transitioned from half-guard to closed guard before Bader again got to half-guard. Bader battered Machida as the clock wound down, bloodying Machida’s nose as the fight moved to round four.

Bader wasted little time in round four closing the distance and getting Machida to the ground with well over four minutes to go. Bader kept Machida on the cage while consistently battering him with punches and elbows. Machida managed to get Bader in his closed guard, but couldn’t keep him there for long. Machida wasn’t able to create distance or get to his feet before the fight went into round five.

Back on his feet but visibly fatigued, Machida only threw a few kicks before Bader again forced him to the cage and brought him down. From there, it was a repeat of what we’d been seeing since round two, with Machida trying to survive Bader’s constant barrage of strikes. Machida made his best effort to get to his feet and deliver whatever punishment he could to Bader with elbows and kicks from the ground, but Bader was dominant until the end of the fight.

Ryan Bader was awarded the victory by unanimous decision.



  • Dalton Rosta def. Tony Johnson via unanimous decision
  • Talita Nogueira def. Jessica Borga via unanimous decision
  • Jornel Lugo def. Cass Bell via unanimous decision
  • Cody Law def. Nathan Ghareeb via unanimous decision
  • Jaylon Bates def. Jeffrey Glossner via submission, (Round 2, 1:27)
  • Nainoa Dung def. Izzy William via unanimous decision
  • Diana Avsaragova def. Tara Graff via KO (Round 1, 0:29)
  • John Douma def. Will Smith via split decision

Main Card

  • Ryan Bader def. Lyoto Machida via unanimous decision
  • Liz Carmouche def. Vanessa Porto via unanimous decision
  • Adam Borics def. Jeremy Kennedy via unanimous decision
  • Cat Zingano def. Olivia Parker via submission (armbar) (Round 1, 2:56)
  • Dan Moret def. Goiti Yamauchi via split decision


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