Bellator Champ Ryan Bader Defeats Anthony “Rumble” Johnson At SUG 19

Bellator heavyweight champion Ryan Bader went the distance with UFC veteran and new Bellator fighter Anthony “Rumble” Johnson tonight at Submission Underground 19.

Bader and Johnson began the match with hand-fighting on the feet, with Bader trying to break Johnson’s posture with clinches and headlocks. The match went to the ground, and Johnson locked up his half-guard while Bader worked a straight arm lock on his opponent. Johnson got his arm free and started to work his way back up, but Bader kept him down with heavy pressure and a headlock until regulation ran out.

Overtime started with Johnson on Bader’s back, but he didn’t stay there long. Bader was out in just over ten seconds and chose to start with an armbar attempt. Johnson got out in about 25 seconds, putting Bader ahead of him.

In the second round of OT, Johnson also chose to attack the arm, but Bader got out almost immediately. This time, Bader chose to start on Johnson’s back, and he eventually transitioned to a belly-down armbar attempt. Johnson was finally able to escape after over a minute.

In the third round, Johnson again chose to take the back, and Bader escaped instantly again. Bader chose to attack the arm, and Johnson was able to escape, but not fast enough to get the win.

Bader was declared the winner by fastest escape time.


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