Benson Henderson Showboats His Way To Decision Win Over AJ Agazarm

Former UFC Lightweight Champion “Smooth” Benson Henderson took on AJ Agazarm in co-main event of Polaris 6.

The match started out with AJ in a familiar position — getting pushed off the mat. Back on the mat, Henderson went for a front head lock, but AJ got out. AJ then shot in for a single, but Henderson stayed up.

After minutes of stand-up, AJ sat to guard and played some Z-guard. AJ went for deep half and then a leg lock, but Bendo got his knee past and then went for a heel hook of his own.

AJ went back to playing Z-guard and attempted a Kimura. He then went for an armbar, but Henderson saw it, and the two stood up. But they weren’t up for long, as Ben drove AJ off the mat again.

Henderson went for a guillotine and it was locked in tight. AJ got out, though.

Agazarm played more Z-guard. He then went for a single leg, but Henderson went for a reverse triangle. AJ went for a suplex but Ben landed in a perfect omoplata position. AJ turned out but Ben took the back.

AJ went back to Z-guard. For a second time, Agazarm went for an armbar after a Kimura trap. This time, he let go and attacked the leg, but got nothing.

The two were back on their feet, but they were back in Z-guard soon. Benson, however, then challenged AJ to take the top position. AJ went for a foot lock, but despite putting everything into it, Henderson showboated for the crowd by stroking his hair and chewing his nails before time ran out.

It was a hard fought match, and Benson Henderson came out the winner via unanimous decision.


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