Big Deal Pro 3 Full Results: Anderson Munis Defeats Erberth Santos To Claim Heavyweight GP Title

The stacked card on Big Deal Pro 3 finished off with two big matches.

First, Leandro Lo and Henrique “Ceconi” Cardoso faced off in the main event superfight of the night, which was treated as a championship event. Then, after making it through the first round and then the semifinals, Anderson Munis and Erberth Santos faced off in the finals of the promotion’s heavyweight Grand Prix.

Main Event Superfight

Leandro Lo vs. Henrique Ceconi

Lo pulled guard, and Ceconi quickly broke free and worked to pass. Lo exploded back to his feet, and after some grip-fighting, Ceconi shot for a takedown. Lo stepped back to avoid it and pulled guard again briefly before returning to his feet. Ceconi shot for another takedown and scrambled to avoid falling victim to Lo’s defensive strategies. Lo pulled guard again, and after defending against Ceconi’s passing attempts, he nearly managed an impressive sweep, but Ceconi managed to stay on top. Lo came up and went for a double-leg, but ultimately wasn’t able to complete it before sending himself and Ceconi tumbling off the mat.

The competitors were reset in the neutral position. Ceconi went for another takedown, and Lo countered by pulling guard. Ceconi applied heavy pressure with one leg through Lo’s guard, and Lo came up with his opponent’s leg trapped between his. He brought Ceconi to the ground, but was only awarded an advantage as the takedown was finished out of bounds. Another takedown attempt from Ceconi was shut down by Lo with about four minutes remaining. After some more grip fighting, Ceconi appeared to injure his pinky, but continued with the match.

Lo again pulled guard, and Ceconi spun his way out of DLR before trying to get a double-unders pass. Ceconi went for another takedown with another minute to go and attempted a choke that failed. Another guard pull from Lo as the clock hit the 45-second mark. Ceconi spend the last seconds of the match trying to pass guard, but it wasn’t enough to get the points or advantages he’d need to get the win.

Leandro Lo was declared the winner via advantage and took home the superfight championship belt, which will be challenged at the next Big Deal Pro event.

Grand Prix Final

Anderson Munis vs. Erberth Santos

After about a minute on their feet fighting for grips, Munis pulled guard. Santos established grips and worked to pass while Munis did an admirable job of retaining his guard. This battle continued to the four-minute mark, at which point Munis transitioned to 50/50. He stayed there until just over the two-minute point as Santos tried to pass, at which point Munis switched to closed guard. Santos stood up in the guard, and Munis dropped down while Santos established pant and sleeve grips. As the clock wound down to the final ten seconds, Munis attempted a sweep, with Santos getting up to his feet just in time. Santos made one more attempt to pull guard and sweep Munis, but time ran out before he could complete anything.

Anderson Munis was declared the winner of the Big Deal Pro 3 heavyweight Grand Prix.

Full Results


  • Andre Pimenta def. Michael Koch via choke
  • Leo Lara def. Jeison Silva via choke
  • Rafael Mansur def. Gabriel Gaudio via points

Grand Prix Round 1:

  • Erberth Santos def. Guilherme Lambertucci via choke/neck crank
  • Wallace Costa def. Marcus Ribeiro via referee decision
  • Gabriel Henrique def. Duzao Lopes via points
  • Anderson Munis def. Harysson Pereira via points


  • Victoria Urich def. Ericka Almeida via points
  • Mauricio Oliveira def. Welington Alemao via points
  • Dimitrius Souza def. Pedro Elias via points
  • Rider Zuchi def. Henrique Moicano via advantages

Grand Prix Semifinals

  • Erberth Santos def. Wallace Costa via advantage
  • Anderson Munis def. Gabriel Henrique via referee decision


  • Fernanda Mazzelli def. Sabhata Lais via referee decision
  • Marcos Petcho def. Alex Muniz via advantage
  • Igor Shinaider def. Otavio Nalati via points
  • Bianca Basilio def. Dulce Rosenthal via choke
  • Isaque Bahiense def. Servio Tulio via points
  • Erich Munis def. Leonardo Lemos via armbar
  • Mahamad Aly def. Pedro Alex via referee decision
  • Leandro Lo def. Henrique Ceconi via advantage

Grand Prix Final

  • Anderson Munis def. Erberth Santos via advantage



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