Paulo Miyao & Gianni Grippo Discuss Cutting Back On Competition & Focusing On Coaching

Paulo Miyao was one of jiu-jitsu’s most active competitors a few years ago, but in the past couple of years, he hasn’t been competing as much as before. While Miyao has put on some seriously impressive performances at recent competitions, including his gold-medal-winning performance at No-Gi Pans earlier this year, he’s been seen a lot less in the competitive scene than before.

But don’t think that he’s been taking all that time away from jiu-jitsu entirely — he’s just been focusing on another endeavor: coaching.

In this video, Miyao discusses this next step of his jiu-jitsu journey with Gianni Grippo. Check out their chat below to see Miyao’s perspective on coaching and what he’s gained from taking a step back from competition.


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