Biggest Submissions in ADCC Competition

Since its inception in 1998, the ADCC Championships have been viewed by many as the #1 grappling championship in the world.

The rules differ somewhat from IBJJF rules but many of the same world class athletes rise to the top of the medlas podium.
There have been some spectacular mnatches over the years of the event and here are 6 of the most memorable submissions in the ADCC Championships.

Bounus: Also, the match that many call the most exciting ADCC match of all time!

1) Robert Drysdale vs. Marcello Garcia ADCC 2007


2) Marcelo Garcia vs Shaolin – 2003
A new competitor Marcelo Garcia comes out of nowhere to shock the world


3) ADCC Beijing 2013 – Andre Galvao Vs. Braulio Estima
The 1st ADCC Superfight to end in a submission between 2 of the greatest Absolute Champions


In Long Beach, California these 2 multiple times World Champions met in the finals of the Absolute


5) Eddie Bravo Vs Royler Gracie ADCC 2003
In possibly the biggest upset in ADCC history, 10th Planet’s Bravo takes on bjj legend Royler Gracie


6) Marcelo Garcia X Kron Gracie – 2009
Both guys at the top of their games and both known for attacking submissions


7.  ç

Many people call this the Greatest Match in ADCC History. Check out the arm bar escape by Tonon!
Kron Gracie v Garry Tonon ADCC China 2013

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