BJ Penn Has Been Served A Restraining Order By The Mother Of His Children

Image Source: BJ Penn via Instagram

2015 UFC Hall-of-Fame inductee BJ Penn is the latest MMA star to fall under serious accusations, according to a report from MMA Junkie.

Per the report, Penn was served a restraining order by his estranged girlfriend and the mother of his children, Shelean Uaiwa, in February. Uaiwa originally filed for the order in October of last year, and now that it’s been granted, it will be in effect until October 2021.

A report obtained by MMA Junkie details Uaiwa’s accusations, including that Penn allegedly threatened that he could kill her brother and “her whole family” and told her that “because your [sic] not a man you think you can’t get knocked the f*ck out.” She also says that Penn verbally, physically, and sexually abused her, alleging that he hit her in the back of the head, tried to wrestle her to the ground, and tried to get her to have sex with other men. She also alleges years of drug use, some of which she says happened in front of her children.

The alleged incident that prompted Uaiwa to file for the order happened on October 7. She says that she went to pick up her daughters and that Penn approached the car threatening her mother and saying that he would “kick her dumb a*s c*nt out of the house.”

“I was trying to get out of the drive way and he was making it hard like he wanted to attack me and my mom through the window. My children witnessed this incident,” she writes.

Uaiwa’s report says that she hadn’t reported the alleged incidents “because of his name, reputation, the control he has had over [her] life and [she] was scared.” Penn hasn’t been arrested or charged with a crime in connection with his former partner’s allegations.


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