BJ Penn Sets New Losing Record at UFC 237 With Clay Guida Loss

Image Source: BJ Penn via Instagram

BJ Penn is having a rough year. The UFC Hall of Famer made headlines back in April when he was served a restraining order by the mother of his children, Shelean Uaiwa, amidst allegations of domestic abuse. This was a few months after he became one of the most viewed submissions of 2018 when Ryan Hall heel hooked him into tapping. And on May 11th, Penn took his eight consecutive loss in the UFC, falling to competitor Clay Guida and setting a new record for most L’s in a row.

While the first round showed Penn in the best form he’s shown in months, his energy flagged by the second lap. Fans and commentators live and on Twitter cheered Guida’s cardio, and moments later the longtime UFC vet dropped Penn to the mat. The punishment continued:

When the judges declared Guida winner by unanimous decision, former champion Penn found himself the recipient of the longest losing streak in the promotion’s history.

Penn’s last win was in 2010 against Matt Hughes at UFC 123. He logged a draw against Jon Fitch in 2011.

He made his debut on May 4, 2001, joining the Hall of Fame in 2015.


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