Can Rener Gracie Get ABC’s “Shark Tank” Big Fish to Bite Tonight?

He’s got charm, a backpack full of submission techniques, and a pretty badass lineage that doubles as an internationally known gym brand. But can Rener Gracie, grandson of Helio and co-creator of Gracie University, turn his fight world cache into bait the capitalists of ABC’s Shark Tank actually take?

In case you’re not on the ‘Gram or YouTube, Gracie Breakdown and GU frontman Rener has been looking to move off the mats and into the wildly lucrative world of active apparel with his Quickflip line, a collection of outer and activewear items which double as functional backpacks. Here’s one example:

The line has gained traction with BJJ types, who love having a functional way to carry their stankass post-training gis and rash guards around after training sessions. But can a convertible hoodie full of tiger balm, wet spats, and used cups win over the notoriously skeptical “Sharks?” We’ll find out later tonight when the episode airs.

In the meantime, here’s Gracie’s pitch to the panel:


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