BJJ Bet Full RESULTS: Cyborg Taps Out Kaynan Duarte In Main Event

The main event of today’s BJJ Bet event in Brazil ended with Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu tapping out +99kg ADCC champion Kaynan Duarte.

The match began with Duarte pulling guard. The referee gave him a warning for stalling, and Duarte picked up the action after being reset, scooping up a single-leg on Cyborg and attempting a trip for a takedown. After Cyborg defended, Duarte again pulled guard, with Cyborg pressuring forward. Duarte was able to get underneath Cyborg and entered 50/50, but Cyborg capitalized on the transition and quickly captured a heel hook. It was only a matter of seconds until Duarte tapped, and Cyborg was declared the winner.

– PrelimsPoints/Submission
Mica Galvao Submits Felipe PortoBow And Arrow
Gutemberg Pereira Submits Rider ZuchiHead And Arm Choke
Diego Pato defeats Alex Sodre12 to 10 points
Gabrieli Pessanha defeats Yara Soares10 to 8 points
Leonardo Lara defeats Italo Moura- NoGi2 to 0 points
Marcos Petcho Submits Servio TulioCollar Choke
– Main Event
Marco Barbosa defeats Wander Braga3 to 0 points
Xande Ribeiro Vs Vagner Rocha – NoGiDRAW (Info)
Nicholas Meregali Vs Leandro LoDRAW (Info)
Isaque Bahiense Submits Gregor GracieGuillotine
Felipe Pena defeats Erberth SantosVerbal Tap
Cyborg Submits Kaynan DuarteHeelhook


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