BJJ Stars 6 Results: Felipe Pena Submits Patrick Gaudio, Barbosa vs. Diniz Ends In Controversy

BJJ Stars 6 finished off an evening of twelve superfights with a memorable co-main and main event.

First, Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa and Matheus Diniz faced off in a no-gi match that was largely uneventful until the last couple of minutes. And in the final few seconds, a twist happened that resulted in a controversial decision to determine the winner of the match.

In the main event, Felipe Pena returned to face Patrick Gaudio, who was up to challenge the BJJ Stars heavyweight champion for his title. In the end, though, Pena once again reminded the jiu-jitsu world why he’s considered one of the best in the game.

Matheus Diniz vs. Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa

The grapplers spent much of the mat wrestling on their feet, with Barbosa’s takedown attempts being shut down by Diniz’s sprawls or causing the match to go out of bounds. With about a minute and a half left, though, the action picked up as Barbosa succeeded in taking Diniz to the ground and rushing to his back as Diniz got back to his feet.

After the competitors were reset in the center, Barbosa repeatedly lifted Diniz off the ground, trying to take him back to the canvas and succeeding with about a minute to go. He got to Diniz’s back, and Diniz escaped with about thirty seconds left. Barbosa was awarded the two points for the takedown, plus two advantages, putting him in position to win the match. But then, with just seconds to go, Diniz arm-dragged Barbosa to the ground, getting a hook in as Barbosa slammed him back to the canvas after getting back up. Diniz locked in an arm under Barbosa’s chin, and at first, it looked like Barbosa had survived the attempt. After the buzzer, it was revealed that Barbosa had actually gone to sleep, but the question remained of whether he’d gone out before or after the buzzer. After some debate, the competitors were brought back to the center, and Barbosa was declared the winner, with the consensus apparently being that he’d gone to sleep after the bell.

Lucas Barbosa was declared the winner via points.

Felipe Pena vs. Patrick Gaudio

Gaudio pulled guard, and Pena began his passing attempts. Gaudio landed a sweep and put the first two points on the board. As Gaudio tried to pass, Pena worked his way beneath him and got to his feet with one of Gaudio’s legs pinched between his own. He brought Gaudio back to the ground, earning two points of his own, and briefly struggled against Gaudio’s frames before passing to side control and earning another three points with five and a half minutes to go. Another few seconds, and Pena transitioned to mount. Pena moved to the back and locked in a body triangle, and from there, it was all over. Though Gaudio made an admirable attempt to hand-fight against Pena’s grips and roll out of his control, Pena latched onto his opponent’s lapels and finished the choke with 3:36 left in the match.


Felipe Pena was declared the winner by submission.

Full Results:

  • Matheus Spirandeli def. Henrique Ceconi via points
  • Dyna Sena def. Ershiley Kessy via armbar
  • Dimitrius Souza def. Rudson Mateus via advantage
  • Lucas Gualberto def. Natan Chueng via decision
  • Izadora Cristina def. Ingridd Alves via points
  • Bianca Basilio def. Gabriela Fechter via points
  • Tainan Dalpra def. Athos Mirando via lapel choke
  • Erberth Santos def. Gutemberg Pereira
  • Michael Langhi def. Claudio Caloquinha via advantage
  • Yuri Simoes def. Mahamad Aly via decision
  • Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa def. Matheus Diniz via points
  • Felipe Pena def. Patrick Gaudio via choke




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