F2W 175 Results: Gabriel Sousa Defeats Ethan Crelinsten In Non-Stop Main Event

Fight 2 Win 175 was everything fans hoped it would be, with a full night of jiu-jitsu superfights concluding with both a main and co-main event that had fans on their feet.

In the co-main event, Frederico Silva put on a dominant performance against Justin Hale, finishing the match off with a submission for good measure. In the final match of the evening, Gabriel Sousa and Ethan Crelinsten went the distance in a no-gi main event that saw both athletes giving their all to try to pull out the win.

Co-Main Event

Frederico Silva vs. Justin Hale

Silva pulled guard and worked in a DLR hook, attempting a straight ankle lock that Hale defended. Silva worked his way on top and then tried to snatch the back as Hale tried to roll away from his guard passing attempts. Hale escaped the back take, but ended up beneath Silva’s side control. Silva battled Hale’s frames to retain his position and worked his grips in for a cross choke from side control. He then transitioned to mount and put heavy pressure on Hale, getting the tap with 3:51 left in the match.

Frederico Silva was declared the winner by submission.

Main Event

Ethan Crelinsten vs. Gabriel Sousa

After some time wrestling on the feet, Sousa landed a takedown and brought the match to the canvas. Crelinsten inverted to try to recover his guard, ending up playing open guard against Sousa’s aggressive passing attempts. Sousa got double-unders, and Crelinsten tried to counter by trapping the shoulder and ended up getting slammed for it, momentarily letting Sousa get to north-south before both athletes returned to their feet.

After more wrestling on the feet, Crelinsten went for a takedown of his own, and Sousa defended and forced him to his back. Crelinsten trapped one of Sousa’s legs in half-guard and worked his way back to open guard, Sousa attempting to throw his opponent’s legs to the side to pass before the competitors got back to their feet.

Four minutes left, and Crelinsten attempts a double-leg that Sousa shuts down. Crelinsten sat guard and closed it up around Sousa. Sousa lifted him up for the slam, and Crelinsten let go and quickly tried to transition to a leg attack that Sousa evaded. Back on the feet, Crelinsten and Sousa changed levels at the same time and collided head-first, resulting in a short pause as Sousa recovered. A double-leg from Sousa put Crelinsten on the ground, where he snatched up half-guard before wrestling his way back to his feet.

With about a minute to go, Ethan tried to get to Sousa’s back from the feet, resulting in a brief scramble that saw Sousa successfully protect himself from danger. The competitors finished the match on their feet, with Crelinsten going for a last-second takedown that ultimately wasn’t enough to sway the judges to his favor.

Gabriel Sousa was declared the winner by unanimous decision.



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