Should A Blue Belt Be Teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Absolutely!

I’ve run into quite a few jiu-jitsu students who seem to think that only a black belt is qualified to teach a BJJ class. Why they believe this? I don’t know. Perhaps for the same reason that some people think only a PhD is qualified to teach her subject material.

But the fact of the matter is a blue belt knows numerous chokes, numerous passes, numerous submissions, and numerous escapes from those submissions. A blue belt can therefore teach a brand new student quite a bit.

When I was a new white belt, I did the majority of my training under a blue belt — and I learned a lot!

There’s no reason other new white belts can’t do the same.

Take it from Mr. Jiu-Jitsu: don’t underestimate blue belt instructors.


  1. Teaching helps the blue belt learn the techniques on a deeper level. I remember in college professors would have each student learn a specific thing then everyone would teach the others what they learned. It forces you to really understand the subject when you have people asking you questions that you may not have thought about.


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