Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Beyond Competing

This weekend was phenomenal for a few reasons. I won’t force you to endure my Pollyanna-esque mentality or overly jovial elations today. I will, however, talk about when your Jiujitsu takes on a life of its own; when it goes beyond the training, medals, self- challenge and becomes something MORE.

This weekend was the Tap Cancer Out tournie in Stratford CT. I’ve been involved with TCO for a few years, trying to spread the message and do my part by fundraising and joining others in commemoration of the people who are the TRUE HEROES. Those who’ve fought, continue to fight or have been touched by heinous cancer.
Tap Cancer Out reaches far and wide. Personal experiences or a desire to contribute leads many, every year, to attend these tournaments. Whether it be as a volunteer, competitor, spectator or some combination thereof- we all have a drive to be involved.

This is where I wax poetic… Don’t roll your eyes… where I talk about the depth and meaning behind the actions of the people behind the scenes; where you have the epiphany, THE EPIPHANY, that Jiujitsu encompasses our communities. That we can make a difference while still achieving our goals, that we are able to do it ALL. GO US!

If you’re feeling that you love Jiujitsu, but want to be able to somehow make a difference in other’s lives, don’t discount becoming involved with organizations allowing you to combine your passion of Jiujitsu with the desire of wanting to help!

Reach out to Tap Cancer Out, Blackbelt for Butterflies, Mission22, We Defy Foundation (to name a few) and find out how you can help. Your heart will be full, your mind at peace, and body healthy.

Happy Rolling!

Mission22 #ijoinedthefight
Tap Cancer Out #rollingforareason
BLACKBELTS for BUTTERFLIES Make a difference. Be the difference.

Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individual as can have far-reaching effects.” Dalai Lama


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