This Is Why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Doesn’t Work In The Streets

Screenshot / BJJ Fail Breakdown: MMA vs Streetfighter

One of the first things everyone wants to know when they try a new martial art is: how well does it work in the streets. In other words, if someone attacks me in a place where there are few or no rules, will I be able to use this art in order to prevent myself from getting seriously hurt?

There has been a lot of talk about the effectiveness of Brazilian jiu-jitsu is in the streets. Some say it’s a highly effective art. Others say it has too many holes to be an effective street fighting art.

In this video, Jesse from the Mexican Martial Arts Breakdown proves indisputably that Brazilian jiu-jitsu is an ineffective martial art in the streets. Sure, it might work in the cage, but the cage isn’t the streets…or, in this case, the grass.

Thank you for the video, Jesse. I am quitting BJJ tomorrow!



  1. logic is weak!
    BJJ proves that he beat the shit out of the other person. Even if the BJJ dude kick the other dudes ass standing up the crowd as you acknowledged were friends and family so fucking what. No one is going to win a battle with that size of a crowd. Fighting is fighting, if your ass gets taken to the ground, then get the fuck up. The Stand up guy hasn’t proven that he’d win the fight, he didn’t even get a punch in. Poor article/video!


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