Brent Primus Becomes New Bellator Lightweight Champion With TKO Over Michael Chandler

Brent Primus has ended his night at Bellator 180 with a story book ending. The boy who became homeless and sold drugs before he was old enough to drive is the new Bellator Lightweight Champion.

Primus faced off against longtime Bellator Lightweight Champion Michael Chandler, who was coming off of a huge win over former UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson.

Brent utilized huge kicks to attack to the leg of Chandler. Early in the round, Chandler stumbled and fell, seemingly for no reason.  When he got back up, it was clear his ankle was hurting.

Primus honed in on the former champion’s injury and attacked it with repeated quick and hard leg kicks. Chandler’s ankle almost buckled under him.

For a second, it looked like Michael Chandler had caught a second wind, but it was clear his injured ankle was still bothering him, and the referee called a time-out.

Fans and color commentators alike complained about the call, as you are not supposed to call a time-out if a fighter is injured from legal strikes.

However, the referee eventually made the right decision and called the fight in favor of the new Bellator Lightweight Champion Brent Primus!

Congratulations Brent! You worked hard for this!


  1. The least you could do is write up this fight correctly. Chandler planted his foot incorrectly and rolled his ankle. It’s CLEAR from the footage it was NOT due to Primus’s strikes. After the injury, Chandler then ROCKED Primus and the doctor incorrectly intervened when he noticed the injury. The fight then had to be stopped because there are no “time-outs.” Primus is a paper champion by default. It’s a fluke and Chandler will get an immediate rematch.

    • The legs kicks were causing damage and pain causing Chandler to mis step, plus looked like his foot wasn’t working 100% after kicks, which caused him to plant incorrectly. Tough loss for sure, but part of fight game!! Rematch to look forward to for sure!!


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