Britain Hart Defeats Paige VanZant In BKFC: Knucklemania Main Event

Paige VanZant and Britain Hart finally clashed in their highly anticipated BKFC: Knucklemania fight tonight, and unfortunately for VanZant, things didn’t go her way in her promotional debut. The event was streamed via PPV on FITE TV.

The fighters started off in the clinch, with VanZant beginning the action with an uppercut before being on the receiving end of a series of body shots from Hart until they were separated. Both fighters ate a few hard shots to the face from each other, but Hart was clearly more focused on frequent and consistent body shots. By the time the third round came, VanZant and Hart had taken a few solid hits and were clearly feeling them. VanZant landed a few good punches, but Hart again delivered some major damage from inside the clinch with her body shots.

More aggression from VanZant in round four led to Hart getting a bloody nose, but Hart continued to push forward, forcing VanZant to want to clinch up again. In a particularly brutal moment, Hart threw a counter-punch that completely turned VanZant’s head.

An action-packed fifth and final round saw both fighters taking some big swings, aware that they’d have to give their all if they wanted to pull out a win. In the end, there was no knockout, but the judges awarded Hart the victory via unanimous decision with a score of 49-46, 49-46, 49-46.



  • Britain Hart def. Paige VanZant via unanimous decision
  • Dat Nguyen def. Johnny Bedford via unanimous decision, wins bantamweight title
  • Chris Leben def. Quentin Henry via knockout (Round 1)
  • Martin Brown def. Zach Zane via TKO (Round 2)
  • Lorenzo Hunt def. Rob Morrow via knockout (Round 4)
  • John Chalbeck def. Greg Bono via knockout (Round 3)
  • Haim Gozali def. John McCallister via knockout (Round 2)
  • Dillon Cleckler def. Chris Jensen via TKO (Round 1)
  • Charisa Sigala def. Taylor Starling via unanimous decision


  • Travis Thompson def. Dave Morgan via TKO (Round 2)
  • Jarod Grant def. Brandon Lambert via knockout (Round 3)
  • Jeff Bailey def. Drew Lipton via knockout (Round 1)


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