Buchecha Wins Another MMA Fight By Submission – Inside Heel Hook 1:04 Into First Round

Buchecha has his eye on the ONE Heavyweight Championship, and if his streak continues, he will undeniably be in the #1-contender position in no time.

This Friday, on ONE’s 1st Amazon Prime broadcast, Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida took on the former interim-heavyweight champion Kirill Grishenko- who is not the guy you want to sleep on in the grappling department. 

While Buchecha definitely came into the fight with an advantage in his grappling credentials, Grishenko is a Greco-Roman wrestling champion and former wrestling coach at the Belarusian National Olympic Training Center.

Buchecha used his striking to open up the takedown. After shooting on Grishenko’s leg, Buchecha immediately got underneath Grishenko and threw his leg up into a basic Ashi position, then reaped the knee and locked in a tight inside heel hook.

Grishenko tried to spin out of the position, but his knee line wasn’t free and his heel was already exposed, leading to a QUICK tap as his face grimaced in pain. It’s not clear at this time if Grishenko’s knee suffered any long term damage from the submission.

Buchecha’s submission victory came just 1:04 into the first round, marking his fastest MMA win yet and earning yet another $50,000 performance bonus.

After the fight, Buchecha gave an emotional interview and paid respects to his close friend Leandro Lo, “I lost one of my best friends. The guy was a brother to me. First, I was trying to pull out of the fight. But he’s up there, he’s in the sky and if I pulled out he would be really mad at me.”

Fighting twice in just two months, there is no set date for Buchecha’s next fight, but fans shouldn’t be surprised to see a quick turn around as he continues to take ONE’s HEavyweight division by storm.


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