Caio Terra Academy Closes Again After Being Threatened With $5,000 Fines

The Caio Terra Academy will again be closed following threats of fines for hosting in-person classes.A post on the academy’s page stated that they had been threatened with a fine of $5,000 per class per day if they continued to operate. After receiving advice from his lawyer, Terra decided the best course of action was to close down the academy again and “reevaluate” in 45 days.The full post can be read below:

“When I opened up my academy it was a dream come true. For the next 8 Years I poured my heart into it and built something truly special.

Yesterday the county health officials came by and said this was our final warning. Moving forward we will be fined $5k per class per day.

I talked to my lawyer and he said it does not look like we will win. It’s with a heavy heart to announce as of today the Caio Terra Academy is closed.

We will re-evaluate where we are in 45 days and go from there. Thanks to everyone for the support, the dream isn’t over yet.”


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