Check Out The Clip From Kit Dale’s Upcoming Movie ‘Iron Sky: The Coming Race’

In case any of you weren’t aware, Australian BJJ black belt Kit Dale is not only one hell of a funny guy, he’s also an actor.

Kit will be starring in “Iron Sky: The Coming Race”, a Finnish science fiction sequel to the 2012 “Iron Sky.”

The plot of both movies is so wacky, we’ll let Wikipedia explain it:

Twenty years have passed since Nazis from the Moon invaded Earth. Following a nuclear attack in Washington, D.C., the President of the United States is evacuated to Antarctica and enters the “Hollow Earth”—a vast subterranean civilization. There, she rendezvous with Adolf Hitler and his pet Tyrannosaurus “Blondi” and begin their plot for global domination. It also turns out that the President, Jesus Christ, Hitler, and Vladimir Putin are secretly of a reptilian humanoid race.

Well, it definitely sounds interesting. Then again, when it involves Kit Dale, it’s guaranteed to be interesting.

Sieg heil, muter fickers!


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