Wiz Khalifa Is Now Training Jiu-Jitsu With Rigan Machado

Wiz Khalifa

Rapper Wiz Khalifa is now a part of our ever-growing Brazilian jiu-jitsu family.

Khalifa recently released pictures of himself with BJJ red-and-black belt, Rigan Machado, one of the legendary Machado brothers, who are cousins of the Gracies.

Professor Rigan’s academy is Beverly Hills; therefore, it has many celebrity students.  Among them are Ashton Kutchter and Charlie Hunnam.

The Machado’s are also famous for their work with martial arts star Chuck Norris, and they even appeared in an episode of “Walker, Texas Ranger” with him. Rigan’s brother, Jean-Jacques, recently endorsed Norris’ third-degree BJJ black belt.

Check out the picture of Wiz Khalifa below:

My new Jiu Jitsu brother @wizkhalifa 👊🏻

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