Check Out the Trailer for Kyra Gracie’s UFC Fight Pass Reality Show

Five-time World Champion and 3-time ADCC Champion Kyra Gracie is the star of the new UFC Fight Pass reality series The 3rd Degree. The show will feature Kyra, the great-granddaughter of Carlos Gracie, traveling the globe to learn and train in various martial arts disciplines. The show is one of many new original shows planned for Fight Pass.

According to Dave Meltzer of, 

“The first episode, which will debut Tuesday, has her going to Brazil and training BJJ. In the second episode, which also premiered Saturday, she goes to the Don Nacho Gym in Mexico City to learn Mexican-style boxing. The first season of the show will include her studying a wide variety of styles, including kickboxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, and Lancashire-style catch wrestling, a submission form that was popularized in the last century in England that Josh Barnett studied under once of its greatest champions, the late Billy Robinson.”

Check out the trailer below


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