Chewjitsu’s “Chewy” Answers: “Should I Accept A Student Back After They Left On Bad Terms?”

Photo Flickr/Creative Common

Students switch gyms all the time, and often, it’s simply because they’re moving or found a gym that’s a better fit for their needs. In these cases, a tough, but mutually respectful conversation between the student and coach is usually sufficient to maintain a good relationship even after the student has left their original gym. Sometimes, though, the departure is less than amicable, and if the student decides they want to come back to their original academy, the gym owner or head coach might feel stuck on what to do.

In this video, “Chewy” of Chewjitsu addresses a fan’s question about this very subject, citing his own experience with a similar situation. Listen to his advice and see if you can apply it not only in your jiu-jitsu academy, but also everyday life as well.


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