Mixed Martial Artist Who Exposes Fake Martial Arts Criticizes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu For All The Wrong Reasons

Source: Fight Commentary Breakdowns, YouTube

Xu Xiao Dong is known as China’s “Mad Dog” MMA fighter, and he loves exposing fake martial arts.

“For many years in China, there have been very few people who have dared to point out anything fake about Chinese martial arts,” Xu said in the interview below:

Recently, however, Xu has turned some of his attention outside of China and onto Brazil’s “soft art” — i.e., Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Though he says he loves BJJ, Xu points out many of its shortcomings — or what he believes to be its shortcomings.

Short and to the point: Xu Xiao Dong claims BJJ doesn’t work in a street fight when one fighter is standing.

In BJJ’s defense, virtually everyone in the jiu-jitsu community has pointed that out, though. There is no question that if you sit to guard in a street fight, you’re likely to get kicked in the head. There’s also no question that if your opponent sits to guard, you might as well just kick him or, as Xu hilariously argues, spit on him or urinate on him.

Furthermore, many BJJ schools do practice stand-up. I have trained at some that don’t allow students to start from the ground.

Xu has done some amazing work exposing fake martial arts in his home country, but I don’t find anything informative about his criticisms of BJJ.

You can check out his video below:


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