Chokes By The Ocean (Full Results)

When promoter Cat Clarke says he is going to deliver and exciting show, he delivers and exciting show!

Pictou, Nova Scotia, exploded with some intense action when Chokes By The Ocean came rolling in. Not a single boring, stalling, grip-fighting match sullied the card. Instead, it was action-packed match after action-packed match, and fans had little to no time to rest in between.

Here are the results for what could have been one of the most exciting events of the summer:

Mike Wacker def. Diego Sanchez (Referee Decision)

Mike Wacker is walking out of Pictou with what could be the biggest win of his career. Wacker took on the UFC’s very own “Nightmare” Diego Sanchez.

Wacker’s guard proved to be impenetrable for Sanchez, who struggled throughout the overwhelming majority of the match trying to use a can opener to work his way out. Mike made submission attempt after submission attempt while the Nightmare struggled in his guard, but the shirtless Diego no doubt gave him little to grip.

Towards the end of the match, Diego got a dominant position and ended the match looking for either an RNC or a neck crank. However, it wasn’t enough to earn Sanchez the win.

Congratulations to Mike Wacker on his huge victory!

Ethan Crelinsten def. Nathan Orchard (Referee Decision)

Ethan Crelinsten should change his name “Glue” because that’s what he stuck to Nathan Orchard like. Though Ethan started out sitting to guard and looking to play some bottom game, he rode Orchard throughout the majority of the match, rapidly switching from knee on belly, to side mount, and to north south as Nathan tried to scramble away. The match ended with Crelinsten on Orchard’s back and trying to get an armbar.

Oliver Taza def. Bradley Hill (Referee Decision)

Oliver Taza did his hometown Canadian crowd proud when he defeated the Englishman Bradley Hill. Taza was in no mood for takedowns. He repeatedly sat to guard or shot in for the bottom position, then tried to use his butterfly guard mastery to open Hill up and go for a heel hook.

Hill was on the defensive throughout most of the fight, rolling and scrambling out of Taza’s heel hook attempts. ¬†However, later in the match, Hill was able to pass on more than one instance and go to side mount.

Sadly for the Englishman, it wasn’t enough to impress the judges, and Taza walked away with the victory.


Brady MacDonald (Titans) def. Taylor McCafferty (Marmac)
Jesse Gough (Cunningham BJJ) def. Jon Kelly (MXT Jiu Jitsu)
Frank Adam (Renzo Gracie NYC) VS Mathieu Tarantini (The Vault) – DRAW
Kent Peters (Zombieproof) def James Harnish
Brian McLauglin (Precision MMA) def Andrew Tenneson


Shane Fishman (Body of Four) def Devin Pirata (El Pirata)
Travis Conley (Underground Gym) def Joel Jacquard (Renzo Gracie HFX)
Jaret MacIntosh (Titans Jiu Jitsu) def. Kyle Pindar (Body of Four)


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