Robbie Lawler Gets Back In The Win Column With Unanimous Decision Over Cowboy

Former UFC Welterweight Champion “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler once again has a “W” next to his name.

Lawler took on Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in the second match of the UFC 214 main event in Anaheim, California. Lawler wasted no time going in for the kill. He swarmed Cowboy, shutting down Cerrone’s Muay Thai by forcing him to fight close. Lawler landed some short but hard shots in the clinch. For a second, it looked like it could have been an early end for Cerrone, but some distance was put between the two before there could have been an early finish.

Cowboy got his wind back and threw some knees and punches. Close to the end of the round he nailed a nice single leg. Robbie held him close to prevent his punches, but Cerrone was able to pass to side mount. The match went back to standing, but Cerrone hit a nice elbow on the way up.

Cerrone played the dominant role in the second round, chasing his opponent around the cage and throwing some fluid combos and high kicks.

However, Lawler came back in Round 3, playing the role of the cat in the cat and mouse game. Ruthless wasn’t falling for any of the baiting tactics or tricks and landed some hard punches of his own.

Whatever Robbie did, it was enough to impress all of the judges and get himself back into the win column.

Winner by unanimous decision: “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler!



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