New UFC Featherweight Champion Cris ‘Cyborg’!!!

Cris “Cyborg” has yet another jewel she can add to her crown.

Cyborg took on Invicta bantamweight Tonya Evinger and is now the new UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion.

Cris took her time in the first. She waited patiently, then when Evinger was in range, she threw a huge punch or high kick.

Tonya, for her part, did an impressive job taking some of the wind out of Cyborg’s sails by putting her in the clinch and even taking her down. You also have to give Evinger credit; despite eating some hard shots, she stayed in it.

An eye poke by Evinger forced the first round into a brief pause, but when it came back, Cyborg went back to her ways, chasing her opponent around and nailing her with some huge shots.

However, Evinger still managed to survive.

The second round told a similar tale. Cyborg looked no different than she did in the first, but Evinger looked tired. Cris chased Tonya around the cage, bobbing her head like a boxer and tagging Evinger with huge punches, kicks, and knees.

The third and final around was no different — except for the fact that Evinger didn’t survive this one. Tonya first went down with a head kick, but she managed to stay conscious and play some open guard. Cyborg wasn’t having it, though, and backed up so Evinger could get up.

Soon after she did, though, Tonya backed up to the cage and Cyborg hit her in the head with a knee as Evinger tried to avoid getting punched. Tonya fell to her knees as Cyborg battered her and forced the referee to call an end to the contest.

You have to give Tonya Evinger credit for not only taking the fight on short notice, but taking it against one of — if not the— most dominant force in women’s MMA.

However, there is a new queen of the women’s featherweight division, and her name is Cris “Cyborg”!


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