Cole Abate Earns Black Belt on IBJJF Asian Championship Podium

After sweeping his brown belt division with three submission victories at the IBJJF Asian Championship, Cole Abate has officially joined the ranks of adult black belts. The eighteen-year-old AOJ star published an emotional post on Instagram about his long-awaited promotion, featuring a photo of himself alongside his longtime coach Professor Guilherme Mendes.

“Today marks the most special day of my life,” wrote Abate in the caption. “The day i was promoted to black belt. I started jiu-jitsu at the age of 5. Little did I know that decision would change the course of the rest of my life. My passion for the sport started to develop when I learned that the that the amount of effort I put in was directly correlated with the results I would have later. Since day one, I was a competitor who loved to win and wasn’t afraid of hard work in order to make things happen. This is how I fell in love with jiu-jitsu.”

Abate boasts a total of thirteen years’ worth experience in the sport, and expressed gratitude to his professors, parents, and teammates for the culmination of more than a decade of competitive work on the mats. Doubtless, the eighteen-year-old’s entry into the adult black belt division — the most elite level of jiu-jitsu competitors — will shake things up for some veteran black belts.


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