Gordon Ryan Announces Seminar to Raise Funds for Marcelo Garcia Cancer Treatment

Gordon Ryan has announced that he will be partnering with BJJ Fanatics to teach a seminar with Bernardo Faria, the proceeds for which will go directly to Marcelo Garcia, who was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. Recordings of the seminar will also be sold to raise money for Garcia’s cancer treatment.

“I hate charity cases more than anything,” Ryan wrote in an Instagram caption of himself smiling alongside Garcia. “I would never ask someone to donate money to me or a friend while offering nothing in return. Marcelo didn’t ask for this and doesn’t need any money. I asked him to do this because I felt it was right and something I needed to do, because I feel his pain, and he accepted. This is simply a thank you to a person who has done more for the sport I love than anyone else. This is the absolute least that can be done for him. Let’s support this legend however we can.”

According to Ryan, the seminar will likely be held in Las Vegas, shortly before or after IBJJF Masters Worlds. More details are forthcoming.


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