Conor McGregor Faces Accusations of Violently Sexually Assaulting Woman at NBA Game

Photo/Instagram: Conor McGregor

A woman has accused UFC star Conor McGregor of violently sexually assaulting her at Game 4 of the NBA Finals on June 9, per reporting by TMZ Sports. The woman’s attorney claims that NBA and Heat security separated her from her friend, then forced her into a men’s restroom where McGregor was waiting. Security barred entry to the bathroom, while McGregor allegedly “shoved his tongue in the victim’s mouth and aggressively kissed her.”

According to the attorney’s statement, the UFC star also forced the woman to engage in oral sex with him, grabbed her, and pinned her against the wall while attempting to sodomize her against her will. The woman claims that she was able to escape by elbowing McGregor repeatedly and fleeing. However, her purse was left behind at the scene, and allegedly held hostage in an attempt to force her return.

Rather than engage in litigation, the alleged victim is hoping to reach a settlement with McGregor, the NBA, and the Heat. McGregor, for his part, has denied the accusations, with his representatives stating that he “will not be intimidated.”

According to updates by TMZ Sports as of Thursday, 12:46 PM Pacific Time, the Miami Police Department has been investigating the allegations since Sunday.


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