Conor McGregor Uses Homophobic Slur Backstage at UFC Fight Night 118

Conor McGregor has been caught repeatedly using the homophobic slur “f**got” backstage at last night’s UFC event, UFC Fight Night 118, in Gdansk, Poland.

“Hush, hush, hush, sleep him,” Conor is heard saying. “[inaudible] He’s a f**got. I never knew he’s a f**got.”

Of course, this isn’t the only problem the UFC has had this year with homophobic slurs. Before UFC 216, former Heavyweight Champion Fabricio Werdum was caught using the word “maricon” which is the Spanish equivalent of the “f**got”, in a heated argument with reigning Lightweight Champion Tony Ferguson.

Fabricio was made to do community service with an LBGTQ+ organization. Will Conor McGregor have to do the same?


  1. Is this Jiu-jitsu Times or PC Times? The national media has all of the PC angles well covered. It would be nice if you kept politics out of your articles and stick to the topic at hand…BJJ. We get enough PC politics everywhere else.


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