Rorion Gracie To Eddie Bravo: I Wanted Ralek Gracie To Do Combat Jiu Jitsu

According to 10th Planet Founder Eddie Bravo, Rorion Gracie is a huge fan of Combat Jiu Jitsu — i.e., Bravo’s new brand of jiu-jitsu, which allows palm strikes to the face and body. In fact, Rorion is such a fan that he wanted his son, Ralek Gracie, to do it at Metamoris.

Bravo told the story to Brendan Schaub and to his friend and student, Joe Rogan, on the latest episode of the Joe Rogan Experience:

After we did the first Combat Jiu Jitsu tournament at EBI 11, that’s when I first introduced it, Rorion Gracie calls me. I never talked to Rorion Gracie ever! He called Rose Gracie to get my number. He wanted call me and…and I’m on the phone with Rorion Gracie and he’s thanking me for putting together Combat Jiu Jitsu. [In Rorion Gracie’s voice] “Eddie, this is how we used to do it in Brazil. I wanted Ralek to do this, but Ralek would not do this. This is what we wanted. Thank you. This is the real jiu-jitsu.”

You can listen to Eddie Bravo’s story about Rorion Gracie below:


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